Join a community of authentic, earth-honoring women

re-membering, rewilding and reclaiming connection to self, other and spirit.

Why you should join us?

This community is a place to safely and authentically virtually share and support each other in our unfolding processed of reclaiming our intimate wildness and self-expression. It's time to re-member our lost connections to unconditional love and to each other, and the rich, important stories that live on within and through us.

I invite you to step into this group of other women who are on the quest for wellness and wholeness, exploring practices and rituals that help deepen and nourish their process. The women in this community are doing amazing work.

If you are longing to  connect with other women over deepening your relationship with plants, exploring ancestral healing, understanding the role and importance of elders, and feed and cultivate your intuition, this is the place for you! 

Look for upcoming courses on ritual, supporting children through a crisis, drama therapy, and more!

What you can look forward to:

  • Podcast Live Listen ~ listen EARLY to the newest episode of the podcast live with Mallika. Ask questions, share insights or just hang out.
  • Wednesday Question ~ a question for reflection or discussion. 
  • Friday Myth or Story ~ An offering of a classic myth or a folk tale. There are so many beautiful stories to know! These stories deepen our work with the archetypes within ourselves and bring greater awareness of different cultures, past and present.

About Mallika

I greatly value the wellness that we can find in practices aimed at deepening our relationship with all parts of the complex beings that we are, and our relationship with all the beings with which we are connected. 

There are many paths towards wellness, and this is a space, curated by myself and Ashley Newton, based in the ethos, practices and ideas which, for us, resource personal healing and illuminate the interplay between personal and collective liberation. 

I am a mother of 2 daughters and have held the torch for authentic, honest mothering for nearly 10 years. Motherhood is harder than I ever fathomed. On many levels, it has turned me inside out. But it has also been such a tender and potent place of healing for me.

I have also engaged on many levels with my body, to heal from physically challenging symptoms. I have worked as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and engaged in long-term, depth psychology and Jungian based therapy. I have a deep appreciating for stage performance and a love of the magic that is created in the authentic aliveness of that medium. I have a deep connection to the Yogic path and the power of the Vedic traditions. I  am currently studying the Bagavad Gita and Devine Feminine with Kaya Mindlin

A big thank you

I could not have done this healing alone, as if anyone could. And this community would not exist with out the love and support of many people in my life. 

First, thank you to all the mamas who were a part of my in-person Conscious Mothering group and my Conscious Upbringing classes. Your trust in me and authentic sharing not only helped me develop skills in teaching and leadership, but continues to nourish my heart.

To my parents for always giving me what they could and continuing to walk this path of growth and love together. 

To my daughters, who likely will never read this, for playing with me, for calling me out, for being honest with love and fire, for knowing what it means to love and for being the most beautifully unfolding thing in my life. 

To my love, my partner. Thank you for seeing the places I need to show up better and the places where I soar. Thank you for all the tidying that you do, for all the little pieces you help to stay in place to support our family and our blooming life full of love, adventure and self-expression. 

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